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We are litigators dedicated to protecting our clients.  That means suing on your behalf and demanding monetary and other relief when you’ve been wronged and vigorously defending lawsuits brought against you by those who would seek to hamper your business or personal life.

The attorneys at Wucetich & Korovilas LLP handle all aspects of litigation, ranging from the initial filing of complaints, through pre-trial motion practice, discovery, trial, and appeal.  We regularly appear before both state and federal courts throughout California.  We also represent clients in arbitration proceedings, mediations, and before governmental agencies.  We litigate in many areas of law, represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and are able to deal with all types of claims, from the simplest breach of contract case to complex class action litigation.

In whatever the context, we fight for you.  But we never fight for the sake of fighting.  We’ll work with you to determine the litigation strategy most suitable to your situation, be it an early amicable settlement or a lengthy court battle.

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